Dear NSHS Community:

All year long, in the F&PA, we are chasing excellence for all. On a daily basis, classroom teachers are focused on how to make their lessons and goals visible, interesting and attainable for all of our students. We rarely have a quite moment in the 9,000’s from the 6:45am Wind Ensemble rehearsal to the 10:00pm curtain closing on South Stage productions, and into evening Jazz classes there is rarely a dull moment, or a classroom not filled, with students who call these creative enclaves home.

Daily, we celebrate the small wins - those moments when a new music track is finished in Music Production, a rhythm synchronized during a sectional, or a student mastering centering on the ceramic’s wheel for the firs time. It’s these small victories that allow us to nurture a growth mindset in our kids, help them to see that creativity comes from taking risks and savoring the journey rather than rushing to a destination. Part of the journey is trying out for adjudicated events, leaning into the twin feelings of thrilling triumph and disappointment. No matter the outcome, we will reflect and evolve.

All the best,

Megan Leary-Crist
Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair
Office 9018