Library Mural: The Art of Science

The Fine & Performing Arts department is proud of the team effort to design, execute and install the 8'x30' The Art of Science mural (2015) in the NSHS library.  Student design ideas were collected in the library and in art classes, curated by the Art Department staff,  and brought to cohesion by a Cambridge based muralist, David Fichter. A generous grant from the Lillian Radlo family, which sponsors artists in residence in the Newton High Schools, provided David's presence though out the year long process.  Students in Ms. Leary-Crist's Honors Advanced Art, and AP Art worked tirelessly along side other interested students and arts faculty to bring the mural to life.  Mike and Al, custodian extraordinaries, were a huge help with the instillations!  Next time you are in the library, look up to see this project for yourself.  

Our Theme

Invention and innovation are the undercurrents of this mural that celebrates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) education.  From left to right you can "read" the mural.  A timeline of innovation though out history begins with the Lascaux Cave Paintings, the evolution of lions as an art form from different cultures, pioneers of science (Raphael's School of Athens, da Vinci, Newton, Marie Curie, Mariah Mitchell, and Ramanujan)  , to the present depths of research, and into the future that is yet to be shaped.  This mural welcomes viewers to interpret, synthesize, and be inspired by what they have learned here at South and beyond.  The right half of the mural asks viewers to take ownership of how they will contribute to our collective future.