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Performance Class Standards

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of notated music; including rhythm, pitch, dynamics, articulation and expression in an authentic style. 

    Activities include: translating music notation into solfege, marking the music with the conductor’s and the student’s interpretations, composing, sight-reading and active listening.  

  2. Students will demonstrate their progressive understanding of the characteristic sound qualities of their instrument/voice.

    Activities include:  Ben Canto, Contemporary Commercial Music, and Group Vocal Technique warm-ups, solo, small and large ensemble singing, listening to professional and student performances with oral and written critique, public performance, recording and individual voice lessons. 

  3.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of ensemble skills including responding to a conductor, balance, blend, expression and intonation.

    Activities include: rehearsing and performing a diverse repertoire, student conducting, listening to professional and student performances with oral and written critique, public performing and recording

  4. Students will use their musical training to connect with their community through service and performance.

                         Activities include: school and community performances, mentoring and community service.

  5. Students will demonstrate a historical and cultural awareness through music performance and critique.

        Activities include: listening to and watching professional and student performances with oral and written critique, public performing and recording.


40% Class Participation

Perhaps there is no more maligned grading standard than participation.  However, I feel a true measure of any individual is how they perform and achieve everyday.  Additionally, chorus is one of the few classes that demand active physical and mental participation and presence though out every class.  In short, chorus students work hard every class!  Students who are repeatedly distracted by outside work, electronic, or overactive socialization will be given daily participation grades.  A lack of improvement in discipline and effort will result in a course grade deduction.  Be present (attendance) with your presence (effort and engagement)! 

10% Vocal Journals

Vocal Journals are to be completed every week and can be accessed here.  Vocal Journals are designed to encourage reflection and discussion about your vocal development.

25% Assessments and In-Class Assignments

Individual and small group assessments (I prefer to call them mini-voice lessons), school community concerts as well score annotation will be assigned and assessed. 

25% Performance participation and Concert Review

For all concerts, students will be responsible for both their own performances (singing) as well as their written observation of the other groups in the event (concert review). As per department policy, failure to attend a concert will result in a 2 full-grade deduction.  Failure to submit a concert review will result in a 1/2 grade deduction.  The choirs are performing organizations.  Every member is values and essential to our overall musical goals.  Our performances are the equivalent of a Semester Test, Mid-Term or Final.  The performances calendar can be found here.  Any conflicts need to be resolved at least one month before the date of the concerts.  Waiver will be granted only in cased of extreme emergency as judged by the department.  Students who are granted a waiver will be assigned an additional assignment by Mr. Youngman to replace the concert attendance.  You are here to sing, improve and share your music with the community.  Concerts are fun, energizing and mandatory!


For students enrolled in the honors curricula, 10% of each marking period grade is comprised of community service singing projects, namely Festival Singers.  This group meets Thursday, J Block.  One absence, either excused or unexcused is allowed per marking period.  More than one absence per marking period, or failure to participate in a community performance will result in a 10% term grade deduction.  


Vocal Ensemble   

White dress shirt/blouse, black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes.

Chorale and Madrigals

Boys - Black Tuxedos, black dress shoes

Girls - Black blouse and skirt ordered through Mr. Youngman, black dress shoes